June 2014

  1. Introducing Guardian Fall Protection

    Guardian Fall Protection provides innovative solutions and has a wide variety of fall protection and safety products. Ranging from harnesses and lanyards to anchorage and SRLS, their products make a complete system, at an affordable price.

    Guardian Fall Protection Tower Edge Climbing Harness - GME Supply


    The Tower Edge Harness is made for climbers. Designed to make work positioning, suspension, and rope access work easy, the six D-Ring harnesses are supremely comfortable.  It has a large padded seat, along with a breathable dual durometer padding throughout the shoulders and waist. Guardian utilizes its own proprietary G-Tech fabric on the harness for added durability and comfort. Lanyard parks and accessory attachment points make the harness even more versatile. The harness also has an integrated hydration and cooling pouch for long climbs. It’s available in quick connect or tongue buckle styles.


    Guardian Twin Leg Lanyard - GME Supply


    To go along with the Tower Edge Harness, we recommend the Stretch Twin Leg Lanyard with Rebar Hooks. It stretches from 4 ½ feet to 6 feet to help reduce tripping hazards and prevents it catching or snagging while working. It’s very lightweight and the design eliminates the need for an external shock pack. The lanyard is compliant with ANSI Z359-2007.


    Guardian Fall Protection Positioning Lanyard - GME Supply


    The Adjustable Non-Shock Absorbing Lanyard is perfect for positioning, restraint, or rescue situations. The lanyard has snap hooks at each end and is made with durable webbing. It easily adjusts from 4 to 6 feet in length to get you in the prime position for working. It does not include a shock absorber, so don’t use it for fall arrest without a compatible shock absorber extension. Check the Guardian instructions for more on that.


    Guardian makes well over 1,000 products... see a small selection of them here. If you don’t see what you need, give us a call or chat us online and we’ll find it for you!

  2. It's T-Shirt Time!

    They’re here. The T-shirts are here. Oh, and we’re running a great deal. We’ll get to that a little later.


    We have three new exclusive designs that say “Climb Higher” in their own way. We worked closely with hand-picked artists to get the shirts just right. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill giveaway shirts. With high-end graphics techniques and the best materials available, these are premium apparel.


    The red “Climb Higher” shirt is ultra-comfortable and uses double-needle stitching throughout for increased durability. It has a seamless rib at the neck, tapered shoulders and is preshrunk. Get it in sizes S-2XL.

    Red Climb Higher Shirt - GME Supply

    Our first of the premium tri-blend is on a heathered brown, extra-soft shirt. Its tech fabric is highly elastic and retains shape well. The set-in collar of 1x1 baby rib-knit lays flat. We chose a bald eagle as the icon for this shirt to represent a strong, iconic image of “Climb Higher”. This is a shirt you can wear to work, or out with friends. Available in S-2XL.

    New Brown Climb Higher Shirt from GME Supply

    The third shirt in the lineup is on an equally soft, heathered charcoal shirt. The shield and eagle logo is bold and patriotic. The shirt is designed for superior fit and comfort and is available in sizes S-2XL.

    Heathered Charcoal Climb Higher Shirt - GME Supply

    Now about that deal… For this week only, ALL shirts are buy one, get one FREE. It’ll happen automatically when you add two shirts to your shopping cart online. OR… just give us a call and we’ll get everything taken care of. Simple!


    Head over to see the shirts here. Also, keep an eye out on our social media pages, Facebook and Twitter for some giveaways later in the week! Act fast... This is a limited time deal!

  3. Heat Management

    Summer is finally in full swing for the majority of the U.S., so those of us in that part of planet Earth need to be prepared for the heat; especially if we work in an occupation that keeps us outside for most of the day.


    Beat the Heat - GME Supply


    Heat-related injuries and illnesses can range from minor, like a light sunburn, to major, such as heat stroke. If you’re working outside, you should know the symptoms, treatments, and most importantly, prevention of each.


    Sunburn is something that everybody has had before. While you're getting burned you might not even notice, but that night or the next day, you'll notice your new lobster-like complexion. Obviously sunscreen is your best bet to prevent this. Load up on the SPF’s and you won’t have to worry. Another option is a shade canopy, like the SHAX series from Ergodyne.


    The first warning sign that you’re overexerting in the heat are cramps. Heat cramps are muscle pains or spasms that usually pop up in your abdomen or legs. Generally, this is due to dehydration. All you need to do is stop and rest with a drink, like water or Sqwincher, to rehydrate. Avoid caffeine and alcohol. A Chill-Its Low Profile Hydration Pack from Ergodyne is a great tool to have on the job since you can continuously stay hydrated without having to keep trekking back over to the water cooler.


    If you don’t rest from the cramps, you could start showing signs of heat exhaustion. Warning signs are heavy sweating, cramps, headache, nausea, weakness, dizziness, and even fainting. Again, you’ll want to drink a cool beverage and rest away from the sun. If you can get into air conditioning, even better. A cooling towel or vest can help reduce body temperature quickly.


    If heat exhaustion isn’t treated, you’re in danger of heatstroke. At this point, the body is no longer actively trying to cool itself. Your body temperature starts to rise and that is bad news. Your skin will be red and warm to the touch, you’ll stop sweating and you will become dizzy, nauseous, confused and you may pass out. This is a serious condition and you’ll want to seek medical attention. If someone on your job site is showing these signs, get them to a cool, shaded area. Remove excess clothes and cool them off with a cold shower, garden hose, etc. At this point, hydration is best left to the professionals. An IV will help to rehydrate and cool down the body as well.


    Heat management should be taken seriously on every job site. Take the precautions, get the proper equipment, and know the signs of a heat-related illness!

  4. Inspecting and Retiring Rope

    Sterling Rope - GME SupplySafety rope is one of the most integral parts of a fall protection system. Unfortunately, there isn’t currently a way to test the break strength of a rope without… well… breaking it. So knowing how to inspect your ropes for damage, as well as knowing when to retire a rope, is a vital skill. This is a task that should be done every time before a rope is used. Yes, it will take a few extra minutes before work can start, but the alternative can keep you off the job for a lot longer.


    **DISCLAIMER! Obviously it’s impossible to write exactly when to retire a rope since every situation is different. This is just a basic outline of the process to help determine the safety of a rope!**


    First, determine the age of the rope. The best way is to keep the label that has the sales date, and manufacture date printed. If for some reason the rope didn’t include a tag, or you somehow lost it­-which doesn’t sound like a thing you’d do-you can cut a small section from the end of the rope to reveal the core yarns. Between those there is a control thread or tape which will reveal the date the rope was made. This can either be printed clearly, or there may be a color coded thread. Check with the particular manufacturer to decipher the code. You can still use the rope, just remelt the end to fuse the fibers.


    As a general rule, if the rope is over 5 years old, it’s time to retire the line. Synthetic fibers start to break down because of UV rays, heat, chemicals, etc., so 5 years is generally the lifespan of a climbing rope. That number might be lower if the rope is used daily.


    Some manufacturers recommend keeping a rope diary. A simple log that shows how, when, where, and for how long each rope was used. You should note if the rope was taken over any hard edges, or if it was involved in a fall of any kind. This can help to make a good judgment call on when to replace the rope.


    Next, look over the sheath. If there are any cuts in the sheath at all, it’s that rope’s time. Another, more subtle sign is if any of the strands are broken. A little fraying or fuzziness is usually ok, but if there’s a single piece of string sticking out by itself, that’s a warning that the sheath is beginning to wear down. These things seem little, but it’s better to stop is while the problem is small!

    Tower Climbers with Rope - GME Supply


    Discolorations or stains in the rope can mean that it was exposed to chemicals, paint, or left too long in the sun. All of which can weaken the rope. Also, feel to make sure there’s not a stiff or hardened spot along the length of the rope.


    Finally, feel along with the core of the rope for any lumps, knot-like bulges or for any foreign objects that might have made their way through the sheath.


    Again… you should always read the manufacturer instructions regarding inspection, use, and care of your rope. They know their product best!

  5. Summer 2014 Catalog

    Summer is finally here… and that means our new catalog is ready!

     Summer 2014 Catalog - GME Supply


    Our 2014 Summer catalog will be hot off the presses in a couple weeks. It’s larger than ever, with 170+ pages of the latest and greatest safety equipment, tower climbing gear, tools, and much more to keep you safe and productive.


    So, what’s new in the 2014 Summer edition?


    • New Products – PMI Extreme Pro rope has a sheath that won’t bunch if it’s cut. It’s pretty much magic. We’ve added upgraded jobsite banners that are now stronger than before, but at a lower cost. There are entirely new pages full of anchorage, safety wear, tools, rigging equipment… this list goes on!
    • New Shirts – Choose from three different designs to show your tower climber pride. Our shirts are custom designed and are generally awesome. Choose from the standard “Climb Higher” design, or perhaps the premium designs, which are printed on a high-end material. See a sneak peek over on our Facebook page!
    • Even more new photos – We put our photographer to work to get the best photos of our products out there. Flipping through the pages will be the best part of your day. The extra-large, full-color photos show every detail you could need.  Also, look for the special “Video” icon, which tells you the products that have videos on our YouTube channel.


    Like we said… the newest batch of catalogs will be shipping soon, so head over and request a catalog now so you're at the top of our mailing list!

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