May 2014

  1. Upgrade Your Truck with the Wilton ATV

    Wilton All-Terrain Vise - GME Supply

    The places you work usually don’t include an entire stocked workshop. You’re working out of a truck. But luckily, the Wilton ATV is made for a truck.


     Wilton ATV - GME Supply


    The All-Terrain Vise mounts to a standard 2” hitch mount so you can take it where your job takes you. The vise also includes a mounting bracket, so just in case you are in the home shop, you can use the ATV there, too.


     Wilton All-Terrain Vise with mount - GME Supply


    Built for the road, the ATV has a locking handle to secure the device while you’re driving. All you have to do is pull the handle out to position, and slap it in to lock it down. No need to worry about it coming loose. The vise is designed for all road and driving conditions.

    Wilton Vise - GME Supply


    The vise is also ergonomic. The device is designed to be balanced while being carried. Just grab it by the integrated carrying handle and you can lug the ATV wherever you need it.


    The kit includes the All-Terrain Vise, mounting bracket and a custom carrying case. It doesn’t matter whether you’re welding, cutting rebar, or hacking conduit… the ATV will grip it tight, regardless of where your job takes you. See it in action here!

  2. Go Go Gadget Blog Post!

    The best ones are shiny, futuristic, and especially functional. They make every job easier and often more enjoyable to do. Pulling out a cool tech piece can make your work more fun, and potentially safer, too. Have a look at a few of our favorite gadgets.

     Gadgets - GME Supply


    fieldSENSE FS8500

    This compact, durable device doesn’t necessarily make your job easier, but it definitely keeps you safe. RF monitors are becoming required equipment by more and more carriers. The FS8500 has two modes, measure, and monitor. In measure mode, the field strength is continuously measured. This is used to make sure that a site is safe to be in before work begins. Then once you’re working, switch the unit over to monitor mode, where the fieldSENSE will alert you if any sudden changes in exposure occur.


    A key feature in the fieldSENSE unit that sets it apart from others is that it shows the percentage of exposure level above 100 percent. Other units top out at 100 percent, but the amount of time you can safely work in 100 percent exposure is very different than the amount of time you can work in 250%. The fieldSENSE makes it clear what exposure level you’re in, to keep you safe.



    Leica Disto E7500i

    Here’s a gadget that’s packed full of features to help you work faster and smarter. This laser measurement tool can measure distance, area, volume, slope, height tracking, and more.


    Pair it with the powerful iOS app and you can make detailed sketches and instantly mark measurements onto a photo of the jobsite. It connects via Bluetooth to your device and sends the information immediately. The full color screen is bright enough to see outside, and the camera feature can be used to zoom in on a point to measure. Check out the video overview to see it in action.




    Johnson Self Leveling Cross Line Laser Level

    This is an economically priced self-leveling laser level kit that makes getting straight and square lines simple. All you have to do is place the device on the included tripod and flip the knob. The internal pendulum is released and will steady itself into a perfect horizontal and vertical line.


    It’s great for hanging shelves, cabinets, photos or tile. Plus it’s made by Johnson, a long-trusted name in levels, so you know it’s good. See the video to learn more.


  3. Petzl Avao Harness

    Petzl Avao Bod Fast Harness - GME SupplyThe Petzl Avao harness is one of the most comfortable and lightweight harnesses around. The x-shaped dorsal construction is designed to wrap around your shoulders and back to reduce pressure points during prolonged suspension. And the waistbelt and leg loops are semi-rigid which makes the harness easy to put on and take off.


    The Avao is also loaded with features to make your job easier as well. It makes carrying tools up the tower easy with multiple tool loops and special retainers for attaching bags and tool pouches. The side attachment points fold away when not in use so there’s no snagging while you’re working. It’s also designed to keep you cool with the breathable, perforated foam shoulder and waistbelt.


    Petzl took the time and did the research to find the best way to reduce the trauma associated with hanging in suspension. The Avao is designed to distribute the load over the leg loops, which makes the wait for rescue much more bearable. This also reduces the chances of orthostatic shock, the worst-case scenario if you have to be hanging after a fall for a long amount of time.


    The harness can be outfitted with quick-connect leg straps. These allow you to get the straps to the right fit and never fiddle with them again. The Avao Bod Croll Fast model comes with an integrated Petzl Croll vertical rope clamp which makes ascending ropes simple for you rope access guys. And for the tower hands, add on the podium seat and you have a lightweight, versatile tower climbing harness.


    This week only, all Petzl products are 10% off. Use "PETZL10" at checkout to receive the discount! The deal is only good through 5/19... so act fast!

  4. Kenwood Pocket-Sized Two-Way Radio

    Kenwood Pocket-Sized Portable UHF Radio - GME Supply


    The Kenwood PKT-23K radio may be pocket-sized, but it definitely punches above its weight. After you use it, you’ll wonder how they were able to pack in as much power as they did. Barely tipping the scales at 3.9 ounces and right at 3.3 inches tall, the radio will fit into a pocket or pouch and not weigh you down. Plus, now is the perfect time to buy with a fresh rebate to save you some dough. More on that later…


    The PKT-23K two-way radio is loaded with features. It transmits in the UHF range and cranks out 1.5 watts of transmission power. In open areas without obstructions, say between towers, radios can be up to 5 miles apart and still come in crystal clear. Or, if you’re working in a steel or concrete building, the radio can blanket 225,000 sq. ft. with communication. Plus, to make sure you have options, choose between 4 channels to assign for specific staff or operations.


    This military spec radio meets or exceeds 11 different standards and is IP54 dust and water-resistant. Don’t have a place for a charging dock in your truck? No worries. The radio uses a standard micro USB port to get its juice. If you prefer a dock, try the 6 radio multi-charger. It’ll let you drop the radios at the end of a shift and have them ready the next morning. For hands-free operation, try out a variety of push-to-talk headsets or use the built-in VOX for automatic transmission when you begin speaking.


    And as for that rebate – save $20 per radio when you buy 6. This is almost a free radio, people! Head over to the product page for more info on the radio and the rebate, or give us a call to get the order going!

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