January 2014

  1. Unbreakable B.A.S.H.

    Wilton Unbreakable Hammer - GME Supply


    What happens when an unstoppable force meets and immovable object? That depends on if you brought the Wilton B.A.S.H.


    The B.A.S.H. might be the last sledge you’ll ever need. They come in a variety of weights and sizes so there’s one available for your needs. And they’re all ridiculously tough. Wilton might have heard the phrase, “No need to reinvent the wheel” but they scoffed at it, then went and made a better wheel. A wheel shaped like a hammer that will crush basically anything.


    Their hammer has a steel core for durability. It is essentially unbreakable. They put 6 steel rods from the top of the head all the way through the handle. At the top, they’ve attached to a safety plate, so you don’t have to worry about the head coming off and flying through a windshield. It’s locked firmly to the handle.


    So you can smash away all day, the handle is made of molded, vulcanized plastic. Its textured design makes sure that you have a secure grip when striking. No need to look like a scrub with athletic tape wrapped around your sledge. Plus the anti-vibe neck reduces any type of vibration fatigue. And at the end, there’s a lanyard hole so you can secure it on your wrist, or to your harness while climbing.


    Wilton Overstrike Rating - GME Supply


    Generally, handles on sledges break on mishits. Trying to hit a cinderblock and missing entirely so the strike is just below the head, on the handle. Not a problem when the B.A.S.H... Wilton tested their hammer vs wood and fiberglass and the results were impressive. Wilton’s are rated to 25,000 overstrikes. You can miss 25,000 times before it is even close to breaking. Pretty remarkable.


    Try breaking the hammer. We dare you. And Wilton does too. If you break their hammer within two years of purchase, they’ll send you a check for $1,000. Go ahead. Give it a shot.


    Wilton Unbreakable Guarantee - GME Supply

  2. The Go-To Vessel

    Stanley Thermos - GME Supply


    Stanley has always been a company that has cared about quality. Dating back to their first mass-produced Stanley bottles in 1915, they’ve never cut corners on their products.


    And their thermoses should look familiar. Your dad or grandpa probably carried one to work or on fishing trips. And he did it for good reason. Not only did it stack the man cards in his favor, but it kept his coffee piping hot for 24 hours.


    The latest generation of thermoses are no different. They’re still dressed in the iconic brushed green finish that you’ll recognize (although they have a variety of colors, too). And they’re certainly no slouch when it comes to heat retention. It doesn’t matter if you choose the 16 oz. mug or the ultra-jumbo 2 quart version; Stanley will bring the heat all day.


    Plus, you won’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon. Stanley believes in their products and backs it up with a lifetime warrantee.


    If you need to transport more than liquids, take a look at their Heritage Cooler and Vacuum Bottle Combo. It pairs their classic vacuum bottle with a solid cooler to pack your lunch for the day or your beer for the weekend. Plus your thermos locks into place on the top of the cooler for easy transportation.


    Stanley Thermos and Cooloer - GME Supply


    Head over to our Stanley Thermos page to find the perfect thermos for you. But be aware, as soon as you unpack your new Stanley Thermos, your beard will grow two inches and you will instantly be wearing an animal pelt and work jeans. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


    Stanley Thermos Warm - GME Supply

  3. Boots and Traction

    Oliver Boots - GME Supply

    On the list of things that need to be protected while you’re working, the foot might be pretty low. Cause really, how often do you think about your feet? Probably only when there’s a problem.

    Workers can be exposed to a lot of different hazards while on the job. Slippery surfaces, falling objects, climbing hazards or even fire and electricity could all be present. And that’s just a few potentials. All of these risks can be reduced if you use the right stuff. That’s where we come in.


    Oliver Boots - GME Supply

    Oliver Safety Footwear makes some beastly boots. They have a selection anywhere from general-purpose leather boots to chemical-resistant boots to metal fabrication and smelter boots. They’ve been in the boot business since the mid-1800’s so they’ve had a lot of time to work out all the kinks.

    Plus, they’ve incorporated a bunch of new technology into their footwear. Poron® XRD™ is a material that’s flexible and comfortable until that sledgehammer you were holding hits it. This stuff actually stiffens during impact to protect your foot. Besides that, they have a natural shaped toe cap so your tootsies don’t get crowded and they’re also known to have some of the most comfortable soles in the game.


    If a wintery, slippery surface is a threat, we have a few options to up your traction factor.


    Ergodyne’s Trex line turns your run-of-the-mill work boots into friction hogs. They come in a variety of styles and if you wear down their heat-treated carbon steel studs, those can be swapped out with new in no time.

    Ergodyne Traction Devices - GME Supply


    Next, YakTrax has a nice collection of different products to keep you safe on snow and ice. Their “Walk” version is an everyday option for walking to and from work or out with the dog. The Pro style will get the job done in more intense situations, like if you have to run or carry heavyweights.


     YakTrax Traction Devices - GME Supply


    Finally, ICEtrekkers. The folks that make them started out making chains for vehicles, but got in the human traction arena a bit later. Their Chain and Diamond products are good enough for a semi-tires, but small enough for your foot-shaped tires (boots).

    IceTrekkers Traction Devices - GME Supply

    Obviously, there may be specific regulations for footwear and what-not that you need to follow for your job. Check with your employer and see, then give us a call or chat us online and we can get you set up.

  4. GME Supply - 2013 Year in Review

    GME Supply Year in Review - 2013

    GME Supply deals with a lot of numbers. With 2013 in the books, and 2014 just beginning, we'd like count down the facts! Consider this our annual report, of sorts...

    0 – Net energy that our global headquarters uses thanks to our new solar panels.

    We are harnessing energy from the sun to power our entire facility. The warehouse, the showroom, our offices, even our YouTube studio.

    1 – Players ejected from indoor soccer league.

    In all fairness... he had a reason to argue with the ref. It was a bad call...

    1.5 – Average rings before our customer service team answers a call.

    It's always a race to see who can get the phone off the hook fastest. You won't be waiting long if you give us a buzz.

    3 – New Buildings

    Home sweet GME Supply. We like our new digs.

    4 – Quarterly Catalogs

    Download 'em online or request a hard copy for yourself!

    5 – Kegs for new facility grand opening party.

    Luckily... we had a great showing of folks from our community so we didn't have to drink them all alone.

    27 – Gum Varieties at “Gum Buffet”

    Double Bubble, Big League Chew, Orbit... Even Fruit Stripe. Does anyone even like Clove?

    29 – % of employees with standing desks.

    We're not saying sitting is wrong, but standing feels so right.

    29 – Countries we shipped gear to

    Worldwide! We won't list 'em all... but we now know that people need gear no matter their geography!

    31 – New Brands offered

    Making it 91 total... how many more will we have in 2014?

    126 – Pounds of coffee consumed

    Java! We operate best when we're highly caffeinated.

    160Klein Mini Buckets Sold

    They are really neat... but what are you all using them for? We want to know!

    173 – Acres of trees – Equivalent in Carbon Offset.

    You're welcome, Planet Earth! By making our own electricity, our carbon footprint is minuscule!

    275 – % of shipment increase

    We've been keeping our UPS guy(s) busy.

    283 – % of employee growth

    We're going to need more desks. Again.

    365 – Miles of rope sold

    (Just over 523 Kilometers) Who's up for the world's largest game of tug of war?

    1,200 – Baby-bel cheeses consumed from “Health Fridge”

    Not only do they taste good but their little wax packaging is cool too.

    1,260 – Protein Shakes consumed

    Making our personal trainers proud. Apparently donuts aren't the best thing to eat right after a workout? Whatever...

    1,664 – Hours of employee training

    Learnin' up on our knowledge. If we don't know what we're talking about, what good are we? You may have seen our hands-on training with Petzl earlier.

    3,004 – % increase in warehouse space

    And that is almost full, too. Thanks to all of our new brands and products, our shelves are stocked!

    6,329 – Facebook Likes

    Liking us there and following us on Twitter are the best ways to keep up with us on the interwebs.

    18,000 – Pushups completed during September pushup challenge

    We frequently took pushup breaks in the middle of our office to crank out a set or two.

    200,000 – Dollars contributed to charity

    Giving back feels great... Our employees also adopted some kids during the holidays and bought everything on their wish list!

    580,000 – Pounds shipped

    Ground, air, freight... we do it all. A lot. Sometimes you can't wait on your gear and we get that. We'll get it where you need it, when you need it. No matter how much it weighs.

    1,467,025 – Page Views our website

    Thanks to all 1,467,025 of you for stopping by. Here's to Climbing Higher in 2014!

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