December 2013

  1. New Year, New Products

    Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Radio/Charger

    Milwaukee is bringing the jams in 2014 with their new Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Radio/Charger. This isn’t your normal radio. It’s an industry first with Bluetooth connectivity, so you can keep your phone in your pocket while streaming music to the radio. Also, it doubles as a charger for M18 batteries for all your tools, and USB for all your devices. Combine that with durability and dependability that Milwaukee is known for, and you’ve got a must-have item for every job site.

    Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Radio - GME Supply

    Ergodyne New Retractable Tool Lanyards

    Ergodyne announced an expansion of their Squids Tool Lanyard Line to include a new set of retractable tool lanyards. They combine the safety and security of a tool lanyard with the convenience of self-setting length options. There are a few different options in the new line of retractable tool lanyards… choose from carabiner or loop ends, or add on other accessory packs.

    Ergodyne Retractable Tool Lanyards - GME Supply

    Kenwood ProTalk LT PKT-23

    New from Kenwood in 2014, the ProTalk LT PKT-23 is a powerful business radio in a compact form. This tiny radio only weighs 3.9 oz but still cranks 1.5 watts of power to communicate over a very large area. Radios are a great way to increase productivity, and Kenwood has made it even easier to keep your whole crew connected over an entire job site with this versatile, strong and small radio. (You already know how two-way radios can save you time and money, right?)

    Kenwood ProTalk LT PKT-23 Business Radio - GME Supply

    Rock Exotica Enforcer Load Cell

    The Rock Exotica Enforcer Load Cell is a compact aluminum load cell that measures force up to 20 kN. It’s compact and portable so it can be used “in-line” in rigging systems to measure the load force. Plus, with Bluetooth connectivity, you can monitor wirelessly on your iPhone. It features a “slow” mode for monitoring or “fast” for break-testing. The swivel attachment points diminish potentially dangerous torsional and off-axis forces, and reviewing tests is simple with downloadable graphs on your computer.

    Rock Exotica Enforcer Load Cell - GME Supply

    Klein Glow in the Dark Tools

    Never lose your tools again with new Glow in the Dark grips from Klein. Specially coated grips on select tools will glow for up to 30 minutes in the dark. They charge in natural or artificial lighting and offer the same durability and dexterity that is expected from Klein. Glow in the dark grips are available in Side-Cutting Pliers, Diagonal-Cutting Pliers, and Wire Stripper/Cutters.

    Klein Glow in the Dark Tools - GME Supply

    DBI Sala Nano-Lok Edge

    You live on the Edge and the Nano-Lok Edge will keep you safe. Designed for foot-level tie-off, and built to the strict ANSI specification for sharp edge application, the Nano-Lok Edge from DBI Sala will allow you to work on the edge without fear. They’re available as a single, or twin-leg model, and with a variety of different hook options.

    DBI Sala Nano-Lok Edge - GME Supply

    Petzl ASAP

    Petzl has a few different products set to roll out in 2014. GME Supply actually got a sneak peek of some of it a few weeks ago, you can see a quick video of us using a lot of it here. Among our favorites was the new ASAP. The ASAP is a mobile fall arrest device that looks just as great as it works. It can also be paired with the new ASAP’Sorber or Absorbica energy absorbing lanyard. They’ve got a lot more than just that coming out in 2014, so keep an ear to the ground for those.

    Petzl ASAP - GME Supply

    P.S. We also heard from Miller that there will be a fresh AirCore harness coming out. Also, PMI has some awesome Unicore Rope for 2014 which can be found on their website. We don’t have all the details on those yet but watch for more info about them right here.

  2. Twas the Night Before Training


    Twas the night before training, and all through the site,

    Not a climber was unsafe, not even at-height.

    The gear bags were hung on the work truck with care,

    In hopes that certification soon would be there.

    The climbers were nestled all snug in their beds,

    While visions of capstans danced in their heads.

    Instructor in harness, and I in hard hat,

    Had just settled down by the tower out back.

    When up on tower there arose such a clatter,

    We sprang with our rope grabs to see what was the matter.

    Away on the lifeline I flew like a flash,

    Tied off to my D-ring, and climbed with my B.A.S.H.

    Obstruction lighting shined down on to the snow,

    And lit up the various objects below.

    When, what to my bright Pixa2 should appear,

    But a miniature bucket, and some more tiny gear.

    With a little old climber, so lively and spry,

    I knew in a moment he came from GME Supply.

    More rapid than ever, he emptied his gear,

    He whistled, and shouted, loud for all to hear.

    Now Petzl! Now Klein! Now Jet and Rock Exotica!

    On, Carhartt! On, Cadweld! On Falltech and DBI Sala!

    To the top of the tower, to the top of them all!

    Now scale away! Climb away! And never ever fall!

    And then, in a twinkling, he pulled rope from a spool,

    It was Sterling, and he anchored it according to rule.

    As I drew in my head, and was turning around,

    Down the tower he went, with an I’D to the ground.

    He was dressed in high-vis, from his hat to his shirt,

    He clearly wasn’t a man that’d ever get hurt.

    An EXO Fit harness, he had flung on his back,

    Plus a FallTech lanyard with shock-absorbing pack.

    He spoke not a word, and went straight to his work,

    He filled each gear bag, and then turned with a smirk.

    Then placing his eye protection on top of his nose,

    He gave us a nod, back up the tower he rose.

    He flew up the tower, with the skill of a pro,

    With all the gear he brought, we were sad to see him go.

    I heard him exclaim, as he reached the spire,

    Happy holidays to all, and to all, Climb Higher.

  3. Be Prepared


    There are a variety of ways you can fill out a rescue kit with gear. Generally speaking, no two rescues are the same. Every situation has its own circumstances which may require a slightly different setup. That’s where our knowledgeable, trained customer service folks come in to get you the right gear for your job.


    We have a few different fundamental kits put together on our site which can be further customized. They’re comprised of the barebones pieces which will work in a basic rescue… let’s look at what’s in our Deluxe Rescue Kit:




    For starters, you’ll need a good length of rope based on the distance you’ll be traveling during the rescue. Anchor that to the tower using a webbing sling and a carabiner. Along with that, you’ll need some sort of descent device to help control your way back down the tower. We like the Petzl I’D. It’s well designed and works for a variety of tasks.


    Petzl ID


    Next, you’ll need a way to raise the victim from his fall. A simple pick-off strap works for this, but if you want to make things a little easier on yourself… toss in a haul kit for a little mechanical advantage. These haul kits come pre-rigged and are kept in a nice pouch so they’re ready at a moment’s notice.


    Finally, all of that goes into a kit bag to keep it together in your truck, just in case you’d ever need it.


    Again… Just because we have these kits put together, doesn’t mean that they will be perfect in every situation. Perhaps your needs would require an automatic descent device, or maybe an extra pulley or two. A hand ascender could be added for another anchorage point on a rope or assist in climbing. Give us a call, or chat us online so we can get you everything you need for your specific set up.

  4. Fill up your tool chest

    Klein_1Humans may be considered the most advanced machine on the planet. We can complete tasks that nothing else can, alive or otherwise. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t benefit from a bit of assistance here and there.


    The oldest tools ever recovered date back thousands of years. They’re old… 8000 BC old.  Granted… those were nothing more than sharpened antlers or broken flint that were used to cut things. Later larger axes were created and eventually, those items began to become specialized for individual tasks.


    As technology advanced, and craftsmen started to make more and more intricate things, like ornamental chests or entire architectural structures, the tools advanced as well. We got chisels, planes, vices, pliers, and saws.


    Today, there are too many different tools to even try and cover in a short blog post. But you probably know the general functions of most of what we sell at GME Supply.


    To break things up a little, we’ll put them in two categories, hand tools, and power tools.

    In hand tools, we like our sets from Klein Tools. They have anything from a simple set of screwdrivers, to sets that would fill an entire tool chest, for your tool fanatic. If you need more specialized items, we have some awesome sets for folks like electricians.


    Milwaukee Kit

    If you like your tools to put in some elbow grease for you, the Milwaukee Tool gear is where it’s at. We recommend either their 12-volt or 18-volt lines. You can buy their tools individually, or as kits to save some dough. If you need it all, check out their 9-tool combo kit. You may have seen us brag about their heated jackets, also.


    And don’t forget all the accessories. Pick up a few blades for that Sawzall. Or maybe a set of Shockwave Bits for your 18-volt FUEL Impact Driver, which are specially designed with a shock zone to increase durability.

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