April 2013

  1. AB Chance Capstan Supplies

    AB Chance Capstan Supplies

    As an employer, you are tasked with the highly important task of trying to keep your employees safe. Workplace injuries can occur in any line of work, but when your employees regularly perform dangerous tasks, extra measures must be taken to keep them safe. If your employees often must climb to great heights during their workday, you may already be using various harnesses, tower climbing gear, and other devices to help them stay safe, and you may have relied on GME Supply for all of your high-quality yet affordable tower climbing equipment. However, you must also provide them with the equipment that they need to perform their tasks at an elevated height. GME Supply carries a great selection of AB Chance Capstan products to suit your needs.

    AB Chance Capstan products are winches and hoists that can be used to provide your workers with access to the tools and equipment they need. Some tasks may easily be performed with the workers’ bare hands, but other tasks may require highly specialized tools and supplies. It is not safe for workers to climb ladders or hold on to all of the tools they need while at the top of a platform, but hoists can be used to provide them with safe access to the gear that they need.

    GME Supply is your complete resource for all of the hoists and winches that you need. There are various AB Chance Capstan models that you can put to use immediately. You can take time today to browse through the selection of items available. Take note that they may vary based on their price, features, and capabilities. When you compare the options, you may notice that one model is better suited for the tasks at hand than others. If your workers typically perform multiple tasks or have varying needs at elevated heights, you may find that there is a need for multiple models of hoists and winches. Take a few minutes today to review the models available, and place your order for the Capstan models that will most closely meet the needs of your workers. This effort today can promote safety in your workplace.

  2. Sala Lad Saf Safety Gear and Equipment

    Lad Saf

    Ladder Safety with DBI Sala Lad Saf

    When your workers are required to perform dangerous tasks on the job, it is your responsibility as their employer to provide them with a full range of safety equipment. Many workers regularly perform their tasks high above the ground, and specialized tower climbing gear may be required for these workers. For example, some workers may work on radio towers, water towers, windmills or other tall structures during their workday. They may be required to climb up a tall ladder, and oftentimes, this ladder is outdoors and exposed to the elements. Workers may easily fall off the ladder or lose their balance while at the top of the ladder, and this can result in serious injury or worse.

    At GME Supply, you can find the best selection of Sala Lad Saf gear available. DBI Sala is one of the top manufacturers of fall protection and ladder safety gear today, and GME Supply is your one-stop resource for all Sala gear. In fact, with just a few minutes of your time, you may easily be able to purchase quality gear that includes everything from shock-absorbing harnesses, swiveling anchor roof hooks and counterweights to positioning straps, lifelines, and other products. For many types of products, there are different models available to fit the needs of most workplaces.

    It can be a challenge to determine which Sala Lad Saf gear you need to provide to your workers, but you can get the process started by reviewing the gear that is available on the GME Supply website. We offer an amazing selection of Sala Lad Saf gear at affordable prices, and our customer service agents are available by phone to answer any questions that you may have. You certainly want to buy the gear that is required by federal workplace safety laws, but you also want to buy additional gear that may provide them with an extra element of safety. You can take time to browse through the gear available today, and place your order. This is among the fastest and easiest ways to purchase high-quality, affordable gear that will help you to keep your skilled workers safe.

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