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3Z Small Cell Reference Plate



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3Z Small Cell Reference Plate

  • The Small Cell Reference Plate connects to your 3Z Strap Clamp so you can use your RF Vision on small cells or any cylindrical stealth antennas.
  • Easily line up your RF Vision with the correct antenna within a canister.

Small cell antennas provide an extremely powerful signal strength capable of 5G transmission. However, they cover a much shorter distance and must be positioned closer to the ground. Carriers use 5G New Radio modeling software to develop network plans, but they aren’t perfect when it comes to identifying nearfield RF obstacles that could render the cell unusable.

To aid with proper alignment, the RF Vision Antenna Alignment Tool features a line-of-sight target camera for those critical on-site surveys to both identify and record potential obstructions of the antenna. The RF Vision fits most antenna types when used with the proper accessories and features GNSS dual frequency technology to deliver accurate antenna alignment readings even in high-density urban environments. Once you’ve achieved a comprehensive antenna alignment and line-of-sight survey a report is automatically created of the site for sharing with the carrier.

A typical housing is a cylindrical canister which conceals up to 3 of the directional antennas. You can order the small cell reference plate for the strap clamp that allows you to adapt the RF Vision Antenna Alignment Tool to most cylindrical canisters. The small cell reference plate is easy to use and allows you to line up the tool with the correct antenna in the canister.

3Z Strap Clamp and RF Vision sold separately.

Manufacturer: 3Z Telecom
Weight: 5.00