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3M PELTOR Hard Hat Attached Electrically Insulated Earmuffs, X2P5E

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3M PELTOR X2P5E Hard Hat Attached Earmuffs

  • NRR 24 dB: Appropriate for mid-level noise environments
  • Optimized for use with Hard Hats rated for electrical insulation
  • Great for verticals such as Utilities, Mining, O&G and Electrical Contractors
  • Good headband force and consistent attenuation after extended wear o Attachment System holds up as well as P3E, even after thousands of uses
  • Minimal flexing of arms for click in/out, Arms maintain proper shape when clicking in/out, Simple and quick movement to get ear cup on and off the ear
  • Earmuffs can be stored in usage, standby or up position; P3 can only be stored in usage position o Flexibility to store in convenient position
  • P5E and P3E earmuffs use the same slot attachment mechanism o Most users will not need to change Hard Hats if purchasing a P5 product
  • Earmuffs can be tested using the 3ME-A-Rit Dual-Ear Validation System: Knowing workers PAR (personal attenuation rating) confirms appropriate protection and alloWSfor proper documentation
SKU 3M-7100097448
Manufacturer 3M