Tower Painting and Coating - TowerPlex Aviation Orange White Tower Paint

Tower Paint & Tower Paint Accessories

TowerPlex FAA approved tower paint is a pure 100% acrylic emulsion coating paint formulated for use on galvanized antenna towers and steel surfaces. This tower paint dries quickly and has excellent weathering properties, as well as ease of use for all steel tower and obstruction painting needs. TowerPlex tower paint offers excellent ease of application and no primer is required over galvanized surfaces.

Available in both FAA & FCC federally approved colors; aviation white paint and aviation orange paint. (Federal Standard No. 595 Colors, 12197 and 17875). Both colors are not only required by the government, but also offer excellent contrast and can be seen from long distances. GME Supply also offers a handy FAA In-Service Orange color range chart to help you check the compliance of your towers to avoid any fines. 

In addition, this paint can also be used on prepared:

  • Galvanizing steel, wood (with primer), masonry, aluminum, concrete, and material that have been primed with zinc rich primers
  • Structural steel (with primer): buildings, storage tanks, machinery, railing, piping, and machine applications
  • Items that conform to AWWA D102-03 OCS #3 acceptable for use in high performance architectural applications

Read more about tower paint, tower paint accessories and how to keep your towers in federal compliance in our blog.

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