Tractel FBB TowerPro Harness with out Saddle

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Manufacturer: Tractel

Tractel FBB TowerPro Harness with out Saddle

The TowerPro harness from the Versafit family has all the same performance characteristics with the addition of design features specific to tower, mast, and aerial climbing industries.  This product is intended for technicians and professionals who spend the majority of their working time climbing up and down vertical structures.


  • Tongue and buckle legs and waist
  • Work positioning
  • Fixed chest strap to prevent riding or creek from the weight of twin arm lanyards
  • Lanyard positioning retainers that control lanyard arm entanglement
  • Full floating deluxe back plate
  • Fully padded legs, waist, and shoulders
  • Tool racking capability
  • Removable belt accommodates all makes and models of tool pouches
  • Fall indicators and inspection tag
  • ANSI Z359.1-2007 and A10.32-2004 compliant


  • Climbing masts, towers, and aerials
  • Rope access
  • Industrial rigging
  • Vertical lifelines
  • Ladder climbing
  • Ideal for use with ascender and descender devices used with chair work (window cleaning)
  • Fall arrest

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